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The Western conception of linear time influences and dictates nearly every aspect of life and with the exponential increase in technology and overvaluation of speed, efficiency, and productivity, modern life has become increasingly divorced from the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth, as well as the natural rhythms of the human body. Great emphasis is placed on schedules, the ordering of events, and planning for or anticipating the future. However, nearly everyone has experienced brief moments of insight, clarity, or a sense of timelessness in which life begins to take on a dreamlike quality where it appears as if one is come in contact with a deeper reality that exists outside of linear time. In these moments, the magic and wonder of life often returns and we can experience mundane or profound synchronicities.

Synchronicity, which is  a concept originally coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and is described as "of a meaningful coincidence of two or more events when something other than the probability of chance is involved."  Still, it is an idea or, rather, an understanding that has been shared by Eastern, indigenous, and ancient peoples for thousands of years, but has been largely forgotten by the West.  

The experience of synchronicity grants the individual a glimpse into a deeper reality, beyond the limits of space, time, and causality—a reality that resembles physicist David Bohm’s idea of the implicate order, from which physical phenomena emerge. In discussing synchronicity, physicist and author David Peat stressed the importance and implications of synchronicity as a mechanism for recognizing the content of one’s consciousness mirrored in the external world. He and many others argued for a new paradigm that places greater value on subjective, meaningful experiences such as synchronous ones as a way to engage more fully in life and enter into a greater state of awareness and subtle perception.

This film's aim is to give voice to those experiences and provide a platform for individuals to learn about and explore alternative theories of time and re-examine their own personal relationship to time.

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